SpiritHorse begins a new chapter

Open letter to our supporters,

There have been a number of rumors swirling on social media concerning the status of SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center.  In short, SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center has not been closed.  We have always offered two basic programs, free riding therapy for the children, and instructor training for additional centers around the world.

The facts are, some of our social media outlets are still under the control of former management employees and the truth about recent events has yet to be brought to light.  The truth behind the rumors is there were very heavy losses ($200,000+) over the past two years in the riding program.  Significant management overhead and unnecessary costs far outweighed the contributions we received which allowed us to provide riding lessons free to our students.  As a result of these losses, we are forced to phase out our youth riding program.  The Spirit Horse Therapeutic Riding program has provided over 200,000 free instructional lessons and we believe we have done well in the service of our Lord.

As for our instructor training, we are not only continuing that program, but expanding it.  We have trained over 600 instructors through the years and helped start clinics at 91 locations worldwide.  Our proven program has allowed us to average two new clinics per year in the past and we are looking forward to improving our record to spin off ten new clinics per year in the future.  We are also anticipating adding senior instructor, advanced center management, and phase two driving also in the future once we recover from the financial setbacks.  We believe that we can have more positive impact with the instructor clinics.  Each graduate can provide 25 lessons per week which greatly expands the good we can do.  We now have four instructor clinics scheduled and more anticipated in the future as we expand the instructor program.

May God continue to bless our supporters, Spirit Horse Riding Center, and the work yet to be done in the coming years.

Charles Fletcher

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